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"Cours d’anglais pour les professionnels"

"I would like to make a 5 stars review for the English services that I received for about 6 months during the present year. At first, when I decided to strengthen my second language, I had an intermediate level and needed an advanced level to apply for a position at the federal public services. As an employee in a French essential position, I needed to enhance my level of grammar, vocabulary and practice in a professional environment. Not only my teacher perfectly assessed my needs at first, he also provided personalized services along the way. I started with two hours classes per week and added some more a few weeks before the exam. His professionalism combined with his competencies prepared me adequately to my oral proficiency exam and gave me the self confidence that I needed to succeed. This teacher made ALL the difference in my learning journey. With his help, I kept my motivation ongoing and I finally obtained my level C as well as my promotion. Thanks to Stephan that I highly recommend!!"

Julie Legault
Case Management Advisor
Veterans Affairs Canada

"J’ai connu Stephan dans le cadre de formation linguistique au Gouvernement fédéral. Dès le premier cours,  il a été en mesure d’identifier rapidement mes besoins linguistiques, mais aussi d’établir un lien de confiance. Stephan est un enseignant patient, structuré, dévoué et à l’écoute de ses élèves. Je conseille fortement cette école de langue, que ce soit pour apprendre l’anglais, ou bien pour se perfectionner. Stephan saura vous rendre à l’aise dès le premier cours et vous donnera la confiance qu’il vous faut pour comprendre, écrire et communiquer en anglais."
Laurence Emond
Manager, Government of Canada


"Stephan is an experienced and passionate English teacher who knows how to transmit his knowledge to individuals with communicative energy. 

A teacher I strongly recommend to all."

Guy Castonguay 

Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages

"L'instructeur est l'un des seuls enseignants qui a su me faire comprendre rapidement les differentes regles grammaticales. Avec son approche personnalisee, j'ai pu rapidement atteindre mes objectifs, tout en acquerant des bases solides en anglais qui me seront utiles tout au long de ma vie. En plus, j'ai adore pouvoir suivre mes cours a mon bureau, sans avoir a me deplacer. Tres pratique pour les professionnels occupes que nous sommes !"


Conseillere financiere CPA, CA, Government of Canada

"J’ai vécu une expérience très agréable et très enrichissante avec PES. Ils ont su me donner un très bon service avec un échéancier très serré. En effet, j’ai communiqué avec Stephan 2 semaines avant mon rendez-vous pour mes tests (compréhension de l’écrit et expression écrite) et dans les 4 jours ouvrables suivants je commençais déjà mes cours d’anglais. Grâce à leur flexibilité concernant l’heure et le lieu de rencontre nous avons réussi à compléter 20 heures de cours d’anglais intensif en seulement 1 mois. De plus, j’ai réussi à passer mes tests de langue et ainsi obtenir mon emploi grâce à un enseignement basé sur une approche directe sur les points à améliorer."

Melanie Dumont-Courtet

Finance, Government of Canada


"Stephan is an exceptional teacher. He is very patient, creative and knowledgeable. He takes the student's goal very seriously and has different tools in order to help his students succeed. He is a very structured and rigorous teacher. I was able to achieve my goal. I would recommend Stephan without any doubts. Thanks again for your help!"


Senior Human Resource Advisor, Government of Canada

"Bref, en tant que professeur d'anglais, il est une personne facile d'accès, il aime parler à ses étudiants de tout et de rien. Avant de le rencontrer pour le premier cours, je croyait avoir une assez bonne base en anglais. Même que, je devais passer des tests de langue seconde pour le gouvernement fédéral et j'étais certain d'obtenir l'exemption des trois tests (oral, écrit et compréhension). Suite au premier cours, je me suis rendu compte que je n'étais pas aussi bilingue que je l'avais imaginé. Pour résumé, Stéphane m'a fait travaillé beaucoup sur beaucoup de petits points comme; grammaire, le débit, l'accent etc. Au final, j'ai terminé avec des notes qui surpassaient les exigences gouvernementales pour le poste auquel j'appliquais. Je recommende Stéphane à tout le monde qui veut se perfectionner en anglais."

Philippe Charbonneau

Happy customer


"The quality I most admire in a teacher is the ability to be selfless. Despite the rigors of being a teacher, very few are willing to take control of their professional development, be available to their colleagues, and most importantly give their full attention to their students, making it not only their professional objective, but also their personal goal to ensure that their students receive the best education he or she can offer. His students would agree that they are better language learners and speakers because of his skills as a teacher and his interest in their growth. I know that working with him has helped me be a better teacher and I wish him all the success he truly deserves."

Karen Lynn Ouellette

Head Teacher, CCT English Language School, Seoul, Korea

"Stephan is a very devoted, professional, organized and flexible teacher. He brought the best out of me and gave me all the tools necessary to achieve my goal. Thank you Stephan for your excellent advice and guidance."

Marie-Christine Brochu

HR Advisor, Government of Canada


"Hello everyone! At the beginning, I was very bad in English language but when PES taught me English, I improved my English quickly, especially my communication. Indeed, they were patient and attentive to my needs. You can trust them!"


Satisfied Client, France


"With your help by doing grammar, verb tense and writing exercises, I finally passed all my exams. I suggest these lessons to everyone who needs to improve their English language. It was simple, easy to understand and quick to learn. I wish you all the best because you made me have the carrer of my life. Thanks a million. I did it!"


Employee, Government of Canada


"My experience with Stephan was most rewarding. His way of teaching was very effective and my English achieved great improvement in a short time. My hope is that Stephan will be my teacher again if I return to Canada and I intend to return as soon as possible and as often as possible. My advice: Go ahead!"


Former Student, Spain


"Stephan was my first English teacher and he made me speak English and feel free to begin speaking! In fact, he has great experience, indeed I was his student when he taught in Russia, i.e. he taught students who had no idea about even the alphabet of the language. So just imagine how patient and persistent a teacher should be! My current job is with foreigners only, and my business partners from England, USA, etc., all notice my well-developed skill and I owe all my thanks only to Stephan!"


Former Student, Russia

"As a teacher you are patient and creative, the way you transmit all your knowledge is simple and easy, that is why now I can write more formal business essays and express clearly all the results I want to show thanks to all your tips. Also, you're an excellent person that really cares and is friendly with his students."

Carlos Larraga

Public Accountant, Mexico


"This person is very professional and patient. I had the opportunity to work with PES prior to a language government exam. The instructor delivered his material as expected. He utilized tools to help you achieve your goals. Thank you and keep up the great work!"

L Desrochers

Human Resources, Government of Canada

"Je remercie SPA/PES pour la qualité de ses cours et pour sa patience. Je recommande vivement sa formation à toute personne ayant besoin de renforcer son anglais, de combler certaines lacunes."

Valerie Chamontin

Lawyer, France


“Thank you very much Stephan for your patience and your hard work thanks to which you helped me reinforce my English grammar and better structure my speeches. You adapted your teaching on my fields of interests which are politics and communication and provided all materials and references I needed. Thanks to your task assignments to summarize videos, newspaper articles and other documents, you helped me gain more vocabulary and better express myself. In addition, you showed me a method to use to keep improving my English. Your structured method of teaching is amazing. In addition, you’re such a wealthy library in a lot of fields. I recommend you to everyone who wants to improve his/her English in order to pass the ESL exams or simply to get a better job with higher language requirements.”

Yasmina Aitali